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We are more than just a company- we are a challenger !

Tempo-Team values and embraces equality through diversity by creating bold, fresh solutions that change the ways of working, thinking and interacting, always choosing a personal perspective and respecting differences.

Our concepts


We stay close to our candidates and our clients. Therefore, we are able to react quickly and provide smart and original solutions at the same time.



Temporay staffing and permanent placement belong to our core business. Our consultants are experts in each local labor marlket. They understand exactly the clients' needs in order to be able to find the perfect matching candidate profile.



For middle and senior management positions, we recruit supervisors, managers, professionals, interim specialists and onsultants with professional qualifications. These specialists can be engineers, IT or finance specialists. The roles they fulfill are those of interim managers, projectmanagers or specialist project team leaders.


search & selection

This refers to the recruitement of middle and senior management for permanent positions within client organisations. These services include a number of related recruitement and training programs that are often fixed-fee based.


inhouse services

This concept specializes in the provision of high-volume, skilled flexible labor, aimed at improving labor flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency. The concept provides a complete HR process from recruitement and selection, introduction, planning and management of workers through the provision of detailed management reports.


hr solutions & managed services

For HR project management, HR management and HR consultancy services. The range, form outplacement, career management and payroll management for small and medium entreprises to major HR process outsourcing services for large corporations, allows our clients to concentrate on essential strategic HR issues for their company. These services are usally offered seperatly from our regular staffing and permanent placement offering, and are almost always fixed-fee based.

Everything is about resilience


In 3 European countries, Tempo-Team is not only a major employment agency, but also a comprehensive HR service provider. Another task should be addes here: we feel it is our job to make people and organisations more succesful with modern, innovative and pragmatic solutions. Making your organisation and staff more resilient and this contributing to your succes.


We want to enter into discussions with the HR world about new insights and new concepts. We challenge everyone to join in and exchange ideas.


We do not do this alone, but together with you ! That's what characterises Tempo-TeaM.


Tempo-Team (NL)

Corporate employees: 1.650

Branches: 275
Staffing employees: 32.000
Local services: staffing, professionals, inhouse services, payrolling, outsourcing, employability
Specialties: logistics, food, industry, hospitality, public sector, healthcare, financial services, teleservices
Other: N°2 in the Netherlands

Tempo-Team (D)

Corporate employees: 200


Branches : 41

Inhouses: 17

Staffing employees: 2.300

Local services: staffing, permanent placement, professionals, inhouse services, outsourcing

Specialities: industry, finance & office, engineering 


Tempo-Team (BE)

Corporate employees: 491


Branches: 75

Inhouses: 58

Staffing employees: 11.295

Local services: staffing, inhouse services, professionals, search&selection, outsourcing, service vouchers, HR-services

Specialties: industry, office, technical, medical, child care